In March of 2016, under the roof of a Nelson College Classroom and the shelter of the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme, Woolly was born. Centred around 'Finding Fun in Fiction', every book, product or service we offer shows off New Zealand's unique culture, particularly our strange love for the animal that outnumbers us six to one, Sheep!


A generation of Kiwi's are growing up with devices, now thousands are powering off finding Woolly among New Zealand's most celebrated sites, from Waitangi to Queenstown. Woolly's reach spans 27 countries and over 1300 homes, schools, kindergartens, libraries and bookstores.


Woolly’s journey is innovative, cultural and socially responsible, with a responsibility to provide products that epitomise New Zealand only being a part of the deal. In our first 8 months, we donated over $1000 to the Starship Children’s foundation, another $1000 to the Child Cancer Foundation, and donated books to Kindergartens in both Vanuatu and El Salvador.


Our Mission, born out of a classroom, is to give everyone the opportunity to learn about all that our incredible country has to offer. We reckon the best way to do this, is with a sheep.


Hi there kids! My name is Woolly, and I love going on adventures. Join me on my road trip around New Zealand, but don’t tell the farmer! I love wearing scarfs, even on the beach, so make sure to look out for me.


Collie here! I love the farm; I have the best job being in charge of all the animals. The farmer forgot to give me my bone yesterday though, but luckily Woolly told me there are lots in the city.



I’m Mooey, and I don’t like being stuck in this boring farm all day. Woolly has invited me on an adventure around this beautiful country. I wonder if the grass is greener on the other island?


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